Friday, 7 October 2011

What Type Of Car Battery Best Suits My Description?

My car is a 2000cc and i only use it on the Weekends!!! My current battery is an Amaron Maintenance Free one which does not hold a charge any more...... I need a Suitable type of battery that does not go flat in a Week's time!!!! P.s I am more interested in the TYPE of battery and not the NAME of it, Though i would Appreciate the Type and Name of the best brand.

I already have a spare battery that is of my other car's type but the terminals are smaller than the Car's. This battery also works but is it sencible to change my car's battery's clippers to fit to the Smaller terminals of my spare Battery? Or is it bad to change the battery type from a Large to Small? The battery is also smaller in size then my last Battery (The Maintenance Free Amaron) or will i have to buy one? P.s The spare battery with smaller terminals is of a 1000cc Car while mine is 2000CC, Though i did connect it just to see if it works, It works. So should i change the Clippers to fit in properly or buy another battery? Thanks for ur help!!!What Type Of Car Battery Best Suits My Description?I currently have an Optima Red Top with the spiral cell and gel based battery. It sits for 30 days at a time while I am on a tug boat and cranks up first time every time. If you have problems with it holding a charge over a short time then maybe you should disconnect the battery when you are not using the car or crank it more frequently.
What Type Of Car Battery Best Suits My Description?
If the cold cranking amps are the same and the hold downs work save some money using the second battery. By smaller terminals do you mean side mount verses top mount? If so there are cheep adapters.

Hope this helps.
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