Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I think my car battery is dying?

Few days ago my %26quot;service Engine Soon%26quot; light came on. I think it's referring to the battery because recently the automatic door locks don't work automatically and the radio doesn't work now..the dashbaord lights are dim. How long can I keep driving before I have to change the battery?I think my car battery is dying?Drive it until it dies and wont restart. THEN, you'll know it's time.

NOW, for the REAL answer:

Take the car to a competent mechanic and have it fixed. Stop being a cheapo. You're going to end up walking if you neglect your car this way.
I think my car battery is dying?
first of all, if your battery goes bad it wouldnt make your check engine light come on.

as for the battery the only way to check it is to use a voltmeter on it. see how much volts and amps its running and how much resistance it has, or best yet, take it to auto zone and they will do this for free.

if its running low because altinator isnt working, here is an easy test.

first, start the car, while its running, unhook the positive wire from the battery. if it dies rite away, then your alternator is gone, and this is why your battery is going down. this means your car is running off the battery alone, and after it drains the battery, the car stalls.

if it stays running, alternator is fine and its just the battery.
I think my car battery is dying?
your battery shouldnt just die. it might be an alternator problem. go to the autoparts store, and they can tell you exactly why the light is on for free
first thing to do is go the the parts store and have them test both the battery and alternator.sound like the alternator is dieing,so get it done fast before you get stuck along side the road and have to pay for a towing bill on top they alternator replacement.
I'd guess it's the alternator; a new one is expensive but you can pick them up cheap from breaker's yards.