Friday, 7 October 2011

How to test a car battery?

I have a battery going bad on my truck and I have a car battery that someone gave me to put in but I don't want to change it out without knowing that it works. How do I test my battery to see if it's charged?How to test a car battery?The easiest way is to take it to an auto parts store. They will first make sure it is charged fully and then they will %26quot;load%26quot; test it. Some newer electronic battery testers can test even a discharged battery to see if it's good (Midtronics for example).

A practical way is to first charge the battery at home with your own battery charger (Sears) at 10 Amps for 4 hours or at 2 Amps overnight. Then install it. Then connect a voltmeter across the battery and if it reads 9 Volts or more when your cranking the engine, it's probably worth installing and having tested when you drive to the auto parts store and get your free battery and charging system test.
How to test a car battery?
well unless you have abattery tester you hook it up and see
How to test a car battery?
Go to the auto parts and have them put a load tester on it.
About the only thing you can do is check the voltage with a voltmeter. If meaasured voltage is 12.4 volts or above it should start your vehicle.
most chain auto parts can perform a load test on your battery out of your truck or you can buy a hydrometer and follow it's directions, the easy way is to do a guessestimate by looking at how old the battery is, it is on a sticker.