Monday, 17 October 2011

I need some help with chcnging my car battery?

Does it matter if i change my car battery from a small size to a larger one?

Are there any specifications that need to be corresponding or is it just a matter of pick a battery and plomp it in?

I live in sydney so ye anywhere that has good batteries or for a good price would be helpful too

My car is a 1992 suzuki swift gti, i want a bbigger battery as im soon going to be upgrading my cars audio system but as for now i am due for a new one aswell..

thanks in advanced:)I need some help with chcnging my car battery?Hayes is correct and if it is too confusing when you go to buy one, if you go to an auto place to buy one..they are usually very helpful and will do all the legwork for you in figuring out what you need so you don't buy the wrong size or one with the wrong terminals.
I need some help with chcnging my car battery?
Sydney what...Canada or Australia..your on a worlwide network..but a battery is a battery

Same size battery can have different CCAs ...Cold Cranking Amps

Auto parts store can give you a battery the same size but with more power(CCAs) with the same post locations or try the battery rebuild shops...Phone book...yellow pages(Battery Doctor,Battery Medic)

Shop around thats how the rest of us keep from asking silly questions on the internet

Good luck from Canada...EHHH
I need some help with chcnging my car battery?
there are some differences. top/side post. which side the terminals are located(to your wires will be to short if you reverse them) and cold cranking amps and voltage requirements for your vehicle. second, makes no difference where you live AC Delco is world class and backs up from no one. larger to smaller (in size) dosent matter as long as the performance standards match or excede your needs
no problem with upgrading the battery, you can have many batts as you like
If your car has room for a bigger battery you can install 1. Most times they also have stronger batteries in the same size. You want to be sure the battery has the same connections so you don;t have to change the wire terminals (lots of trouble no gain)
as long as it will fit in the battery compartment its fine.the more cold cranking amps the better