Monday, 17 October 2011

How do you change a car battery?

O.K this is a pretty easy manuver but for me to explain to you is going to be difficult without seeing it but if the battery is open just disconnect negative then postive (red) then pull out old drop in new re connect negative first is best if its hard to spot you have to pull off some plastic then do this depends on make/model

Hope this helps and good luck to youHow do you change a car battery?If my husband was up he would help you. sorry.
How do you change a car battery?
pull off the connectors lift it out put the new one in and put the connectors back on. While the car is turned off just to state the obvious.
How do you change a car battery?
it depends on how it is connected
If it really wants to change, a good shrink will help.
Call the place that you are going to buy your new battery usually they will help you if you get a jump start and take your car in to the store.
what kind of car? You need to be specific.

essentially, remove the negative battery cable (usually black and the post on the battery should/might have a %26quot; - %26quot;. then remove the battery hold downs, then remove the positive battery cable. %26quot; + %26quot;

remove battery, put new battery in, clean battery cable ends with baking soda/water mixture, reinstall battery hold downs, put positive cable on, and tighten. then negative cable. spread vaseline on the terminals to help prevent and retard corrosion.

you're done.
take the red wire off first and put tape on it so that hte end doesnt touch anything and then take the black wire off and replace the battery put the red on first then the black it may spark a little bit but dont worry it will be ok tighten the nuts up and your done
First switch off your car if it is on,

and switch off all electrical gagdets in the car

open the engine hood

now first disconeect the negative sign terminal from the battery (very important for saftey reasons)

then disconnect the positive sign terminal

now the battery is safe to be removed.
buy a new one. pull off the old one, then put it in as the old one

+= red. - = negtive.
ok,first make sure your car is off,so you dont electrocute yourself! then open the use a small wrench maybe 7/16 and unscrew the bolt that is hooked up to the battery.simply lift out the old battery,put in the new one and reattach the bolts.good day mate!!
First, unbolt the positive (hot) and negative (ground) cables. Next, remove the battery hold-down (if the car doesn't have this continue). Then pull the old battery out and reverse all of the steps. Make sure there is nothing in the tray where the battery rests that may puncture your new battery because acid is mean stuff!

Finally, place your cables on and tighten them. You may want to spray the (especially red/hot/pos. cable) cables to reduce corrosion with a spray just for this.

When you're done, go wash with soap and water. I always mix this with some baking soda too just to neutralize any active acids.
If you have an AUTOZONE in your area, take it there. They will help/and/or install it for you!!!
To rebut previous answers: NEVER unhook the Positive (+) cable end first. The reason is thus:

A large percentage of motor vehicles have negative (-) ground.

If you detach the positive(+) cable first, the system is still grounded. A grounded circuit can produce sparks if the positive(+) contact is disturbed.

Batteries produce Hydrogen gas when hot. The Hindenburg was full of Hydrogen.

Nuff said

ALWAYS detach the negative (-) contact first, and attach it last

Corollary: When Jump-starting a vehicle, the sequence is as follows(assuming this is running car to non-running car):

Live battery positive(+) to dead battery positive(+)

Live battery negative(-) to frame, engine block, bolt, etc. (keep clear of moving parts) NOT....NOT....NOT to negative (-) post of the battery.

Disconnect in reverse sequence.

WHY? Because a running engine delivers more than 12 volts.

If you patch straight in to the battery, you run the risk of it exploding. Grounding it through the car (not the battery) minimizes this risk.

Please memorize this sequence:Positive to Positive, Negative to ground