Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Changed battery and car wont start now!?

I installed a new battery in my car today/ I did it myself so I know the connectors and such are in place. Now my hazards are flashing and an anit theft light is flashing. There must be some kind of alarm on the car. I am the second owner and I do not have a remote. HELPPPPP! I am a girl so take it easy on me! I have to work in the morning so and TEMP fixes would help!Changed battery and car wont start now!?what kind of car?

try popping off the negative terminal for 30 secs, then reconnect it and try again

also check your fuses
Changed battery and car wont start now!?
There is no TEMP fix, have it towed to a reputable repair facility so it can be diagnosed by a professional in the morning.
Changed battery and car wont start now!?
check the charge, maybe it's dead. not all new batteries have a full charge.
Might have popped a fuse, b/c if lights are flashing then the battery is set up right. I hate to say it but check all the fuses you can, or call up a friend and have them help you...good luck
I did the same thing. Come to find out it was the starter that had gone bad, not the battery and I couldn't t return the battery ($80 wasted) because once you have installed it they won't take it back.
try and use ur key on the drivers side door and unlock it..that might disable the alarm and allow you to start the car.

the battery was installed fine..and your alarm just sensed that power was cut off so now its in protect mode.
sound like there is an anti-theft device on your car. call the dealership to see if there is a radio code or something to get your car going again.
jumper cables and another car.
well your problem is the anti- theft. what you will have to do is resetthe system. what you do is put your key in the ignition and pull it back the opposite way than you would to turn the car over and give it a minute or two. then try to start it
search under the dashboard for a toggle switch and move it
It's not the charge. It's not a fuse. You have activated the alarm and the alarm is disabling the vehicle from it's supposed to.

You have to reset the alarm system. You don't state what the year, make, and model is nor what kind of alarm (factory or aftermarket). That would make it easier to answer your question.

Try this: there are a few common ways alarm systems can be reset. Lock and unlock your driver's door with the key several times. Try doing the passenger door and the trunk/rear hatch as well. Some alarms have a slight variation of this where you turn the key to lock-lock-unlock-unlock. If none of that works, you can try having the vehicle towed. Most alarm systems will disable themselves if sense the vehicle has been lifted at greater than a 35 or so degree angle (being towed).

If it's a factory alarm the dealership and they can probably detail the correct procedure to you over the phone.