Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Changed battery in car, now it dies when idling.?

I have to keep the RPMs up with my foot on the gas. As soon as I let off the gas it just dies. What do you think is up? It's a 2000 Buick with a 3800 engine.Changed battery in car, now it dies when idling.?the computer probably needs reprogrammed as when you disconnected the battery the computer lost it's memory, sometimes if you drive it for a few miles it will reprogram itself,
Changed battery in car, now it dies when idling.?
Alternator is shot, get another one.
Changed battery in car, now it dies when idling.?
I am probably way off, seeing how it's a new battery, but something similar happened to me once where my battery died when I was idling. I had a lot of corrosion on my cables and constantly had to clean with with coke. It would stall because they corrosion was stopping the connection - I'm sure you did, but did you check to make sure the cables were nice %26amp; tight??
Why did you change the battery to start with? Did you check the alternator? The new battery is not what is killing the engine. Either the alternator is bad or something else got messed up when the battery got changed.
Some models of cars, you have to keep a power supply to them when changing the battery, if not, your computer loses its memory. I'm gonna guess you had the battery unhooked for a length of time, while changing it. If that's the case after a short time, the computer will reset itself again. If you have only driven it a little bit since doing this, give it some time, and it should take care of itself. If not, stop by a dealer, and they may have to plug in to it, for further action.
After the battery has been disconnected, your pcm will have to reset itself. If that is the problem, then it should not take very long.
Check fan belt to alternator, even if there is no squeal it may be loose! it sounds as though above idle there is enough power to operate the vehicle. At idle the car is running on battery alone. The next course, would be to check the alternator.
Well if everything ran ok before you put the battery in then something happened. Either you hooked the battery up wrong and said oops and didn't mention it or you have a sensor unplugged to remove the battery and didn't plug it back in or have a hose off somewhere. In this case you should have a check engine light on. One the oops part if you don't replace a battery correctly or are not careful in removing the cables you can send a voltage spike to the computer and damage it.
It has a bad alternator. Get it fixed and you wont have a problem.