Monday, 17 October 2011

Can i change my 650w ups battery with a car battery?

can i change my 650w ups battery with a car battery or a higher one if yes what are the things to be considered

or rather i want to change it to a bigger and powerfull battery used on a high power upsCan i change my 650w ups battery with a car battery?Yes you can, because I have had just this setup running for over two years now. There are somethings you need to know: First off, as others pointed out, you need to use deep cycle (marine) batteries. Secondly, you need to use a good heavy cable (I used 6Gauge battery cables from Sears) to be sure that the cables do not overheat with extended use. I know the cable inside the UPS is only around 12gauge, but it is very short.

Next, you need to be aware that charging lead acid battery does produce explosive gas (in small quantities typically). So do not locate this near a source of heat or sparks/flame. Also, the lead acid batteries tend to corrode things around them due to the sulphuric acid in the air around them. So you will want to make sure the batteries are not right next to electronic equipment. I put mine on the other side of a wall (small hole in the closet wall). You will want to get some corrosion proof cases for your batteries. Sears sells battery boxes for around $10. Get them.

You need to remember that lead acid wet cell batteries do require maintenance. You need to check their water level every month at the least, or they will dry out, and not work (and get ruined).

You can expect really great runtimes with this setup. The battery that comes with most 650VA UPSes is 12Amp hour. Marined batteries are typically over 100 Amp hours. You can put two of them in parallel (NOT SERIES) to increase the runtime if you desire.

You will need a separate marine battery charger for when the batteries get any significant drain (i.e. you use them for an hour or more). The chargers built in to the UPS are really just float chargers, and provide very little current.

Keep in mind that a bigger battery does NOT mean you can put a bigger load on the UPS (more things plugged in). It means that the runtime will be longer... (MUCH longer). Off one 105AMPHour battery I did a test and ran a 1.2 GHz Duron for over 8 hours. When I then charged the battery the charger claimed it was still around half full. YMMV

Good luck. And use this info at your own risk!
Can i change my 650w ups battery with a car battery?
No. If you could convert it, you'd want to use one of the marine deep cycle batteries anyway. Just buy a new UPS. Additionally, car batteries as well as marine deep cycle batteries give off explosive gas. Not a good idea to have them in your house.
Can i change my 650w ups battery with a car battery?
As long as the battery supplies the proper voltage, you can use any you want. However, I suggest you use a %26quot;Deep Cycle%26quot; battery which is sometimes called a %26quot;Marine%26quot; battery. You may see both terms together. These are designed to provide power over a longer period than a car battery. But make certain the proper voltage is present. For instance, my UPS used three 6 V batteries wired in series so the supply voltage was 18V. There were small Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries. I could have replaced them with 6V Auto or marine deep cycle batteries as long as these were wired to provide the 18V. They would not have fit into the UPS case so external wire connections would have been required.