Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My car will start and work for ahout one hour until the battery is dead.I changed the battery and alternator.?

I have a Toyota corolla station wagon 1990 and when I start the car it will work for about an hour until the battery is dead. I will recharge the battey the same thing will happen so I put in new the battery and a recondition alternator and the samething thing happens as before.

Is it the alternator not charging the battery? How about running a direct connection from the alternator to the battery? Is that possobile? Is there any device /modulator that it has to pass through before it reaches the battery?

Will a direct connection damage my battery and alternator?The recondition alternator has a 3 prong plug and two of the wires are slightly thicker than the one that was on the old alternator.The connecction I did was the same as the old oneMy car will start and work for ahout one hour until the battery is dead.I changed the battery and alternator.?check your alternator and battery for loose cables. make sure the terminals on the battery properly secured and not able to slip.

for the alternator, check the cables and make sure each bolt is tightened to it's maximum.
My car will start and work for ahout one hour until the battery is dead.I changed the battery and alternator.?
Check to see if the batt has a dead cell (even though its new) and check if the alt is putting out. If u dont know how to do this or have a tester on hand go to ur local autoparts store and have them test it for you. If its no that u may have a short sumwhere draining ur batt. Also check ur grounds and make sure they are clean that causes probs also.
My car will start and work for ahout one hour until the battery is dead.I changed the battery and alternator.?
Well, I haven't really had much experience with Jap. Cars, but most modern vehicles will have a regulating swich soewhere between the alternator and the redirect cable. Also, Check the cables themselves. A faulty cable could mean that the full current is not getting back to the battery. Anyways, like i said, I am more familiar with American makes, But there should be some similarity.
check the cables for any bare spots. might be grounding out.
sounds like a wiring problem, however, have that alternator checked. new just means new it doesnt necessarily mean good. if it is , in fact, good have a competent mechanic check it out.
i own a repair shop and the alternator is what regulates the voltage also on this one,it sounds like to me you have completely lost the ground wire from the body to the battery,and all its doing is running on battery voltage ,and not allowing the alternator to charge it back up,one thing you said that helped was it does this with both battery's and alternators ,so if i was you id be looking for a bad or loose ground wire from the body to the engine ,they have a lot of ground wires on them,and all of them are needed,i hope you find it,they can be hard to find when their doing this,good luck with it.
Alternator Voltage Regulator is probably bad. You can buy them at auto-part store. This part basically controls the output of the alternator. For example, when the battery is charged the regulator will restricted the amount of amperage from the alternator allowing just enough to keep the car running. Most new vehicle have the regulator built in to the alternator. In your case they are two separate parts.

You can test to see if the alternator is working by disconnecting on of the battery terminals while the car is running, if the alternator and the regulator is good the car should stay running. If it dies the one of them is bad. Sometimes there are problems with recondition parts, so the alternator could still be bad. I don't think it is you battery, if it was the car would not ever die as long as it is running.
The first thing I would try is putting a volt meter on the battery while the car is running. The battery should run just above 12 volts not running and around 13 to 15 running. While the car is running, if it doesnt read 13 to 15 its your alternator. I have purchased new remaned ones that were still bad. I would also check battery connections, broken wires , and ground cable to frame connection.
new does not mean good. replace the alternator
allso check the fuse that goto the battery or retest alt it might be falty diodes or brushes