Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Need to change my car battery....any suggestions?!?

has anyone heard of SF Sonic and Amaron...??Need to change my car battery....any suggestions?!?In India Excide make is a of leading OE battery

Its life is also found extended than any other make

Before confirming the battery pl check for the correct AH suitable for your car. This AH capacity is decided based on the toal discharge of your car electrical needs.

Fix the battery with proper clampings in tight condition

Use a rubber base at the bottom mounting

Check the alternator charging system and correct it if defective

Check the self starter and get it overhauled if necessary.

If you are using higher wattage head lamps, use relay switch to avoild combination switch failure
Need to change my car battery....any suggestions?!?
never heard of
Need to change my car battery....any suggestions?!?
Nope the second question.

A very good battery is the Interstate line ....sold mostly through private auto repair shops.

Barring that, WalMart's top of the line battery (the ones in the yellow case) are excellent bang for the buck one in my full-size truck that I've had for about five years or so.

The %26quot;number%26quot; or rating you're looking for is the CCA or Cold Cranking Amps ....this is supposed to represent the battery's current flow capability when it is cold ...first start on a winter morning kind of thing ...I have no idea what temp they use for the rating. Bottom line is the higher the CCA rating is, in general terms, the better the battery ....the longer it will last and the more it will cost. So if you live where it gets cold in the winter then you want a higher CCA ....down in Florida, not so much.
Quite simply if you check with a decent auto parts shop and get the correct rated battery for the car then you will get what you pay for as regards quality.