Friday, 7 October 2011

My car won't start, brand new battery, all interior lights work.?

I just put a new battery in my car this evening. My car, a 1999 Nissan Maxima, has 170,000 all with the factory battery. I could it was having a difficult time starting lately, so my first option was to change the battery.

Well, now it won't start at all. I turn the key and all I hear is a clicking noise. All of the interior lights are illuminated and the radio is working. Would a brand new battery need to be charged? is the issue with the starter motor? help would be much appreciated.My car won't start, brand new battery, all interior lights work.?on a new battery , there is caps are on the posts remove it should be ok to start
My car won't start, brand new battery, all interior lights work.?
The problem on the 1994 Nissan Maxima is the starter motor, it's can't turn the flywheel by few cause : worn solenoid, this will make starter motor not enough power to move forward the pinion gear to engage the flywheel ; worn starter motor brush, same as solenoid, but the brush is function as connector from battery to starter motor coil to make power to turn the starter motor pinion that will also turn the flywheel ; the starter motor pinion miss match with flywheel, this make pinion %26quot;teeth%26quot; doesn't meet the flywheel %26quot;teeth%26quot; so iys like nothing to turn by pinion. For miss match, just push the Maxima a bit with starter try to turn, mean to turn the flywhel and maybe can match the pinion. For solenoid and brush, need to replace those things. Those condition if when the ignition key being turn, there is a click sound and the dasboard light a bit dimmer. If no dimmering on dashboard light, please check the starter wire for loosing groung wire or not tight.
My car won't start, brand new battery, all interior lights work.?
Clean the battery terminal and make sure it is tightly bolted on. If that does not work try to jump start the car. If that does not work return the battery and have them load test it. If the battery is fine and the connections are good then maybe the starter needs replacing.
try this put the car in nutraul foot on brake and it will start safty switch might be gone or if thats not it drop a line and ill give you a hand put in n and go trust me ...
I know Nissan's have a lot of electrical problems. Sounds like the starter !
you problem have a stARTER RELAY THAT IS NT WORKING OR THE SOLENOID IS BAD OR BENDIX BUT I WOULD SAGEST THAT YOU TEST FOR VOLTAGE AT THE STARTER MOTOR BEFORE just baying a new starter and check Thes things out for starter motor run some place around 200 to 250 depending on Ware you get them best of luck
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