Friday, 7 October 2011

How do i change my car battery?

undo tthe hold down clamp then the negative cable first :)How do i change my car battery?go to auto parts store. buy battery for your make and model car. remove old battery. install new battery.
How do i change my car battery?
Buy your battery at Sears. They will install it for around $10.00.

How do i change my car battery?
please, take the negative (black) terminal off first. don't want to arc-weld your wedding ring to your finger. black off first, then red. (assuming you have a negative ground car, that is. reverse the above instructions of the guy at the auto parts store says you have a positive ground car, which is not likely)

when you put it back together, do the reverse of whatever you did to take them off. it was black first, then do black second, if it was red first, then do red second. be sure not to let the terminals touch the battery posts until you're ready for them to do so. don't wanna singe the arm off of your hair ;-)
Use a wrench to loosen the bolts. It should come right out. Make sure the + is on the red and the - is on the black., tighten the bolts and it should be fine.
do what the last guys said about the cables, but you'll have to remove whatever bracket is keeping it on. it usually only takes a ratchet or wrench to do this.
If you have a General Motors product that has the side post battery, remove the center bolts attaching the cables to the battery (start with the negative side). Remove the battery bracket hold down, and remove the battery. Clean the contact surface of each cable connector with a wire brush. Make sure the new battery is the same size and has the connections clocked the same way before installing. Tighten the center bolts snugly and replace the hold down bracket. If you have a top post battery, go through the same procedure, but clean the contact area of the cable connector with a special wire brush designed to fit the hole in the connector. Tighten the connector bolts snugly. Sometimes the connections can be bad and make you think that the battery is bad.