Friday, 7 October 2011

Does changing the battery on a Toyota MR2 or jumpstarting fry the onboard computer?

Car dealer is claiming I fried my onboard computer by changing my battery and won't cover repairs under a warranty I purchased from them. The MR2 wouldn't start so tried to jump start it. That didn't work so I replaced the battery with a similar one. After I put the new battery in, it still didn't start. I have never heard of frying an onboard computer by jumpstarting or changing a battery. Is there any truth in what the dealer claims or am I getting scammed?Does changing the battery on a Toyota MR2 or jumpstarting fry the onboard computer?The only way to damage the computer when Jump starting the vehicle is if you hooked up the cables in reverse. The chances of the ECM being damaged is still slim... but I have seen it happen.
Does changing the battery on a Toyota MR2 or jumpstarting fry the onboard computer?
So far I've put in dozens and dozens of batteries in cars and haven't fried a computer yet. So I don't know if it really is possibly. Now I do know if you touch a computer and you get shocked like statically you can destroy it that way. But I almost think unless you royally hook something up wrong then it probably isn't going to happen.
Does changing the battery on a Toyota MR2 or jumpstarting fry the onboard computer?
My son bought Program car from new car Dealer,He purchased an extended Warranty,Meaning a repair will cost beyond repair Bill.Extended Warrantys Worth nothing.He had problem with His car shutting itself off.He took to dealer,was there 3 days,He called I believe someone looked at it,Said it would cost 950 dollars ,I ask Him If I could pick it up,I drove 1 mile to my house,raised Hood a Senser on back side of eng had a two wire plug,one wire Shorted ,Fix 6 Inch piece of elec.tape,(cost) 20 Dollars.The last car I worked on ,No lights no starter-nothing,people were 200 dollars in replacing Batt.%26amp; Alt. This car had been Jumped some time it worked sometime not.Fix was at starter Pos cable 3/4 round not much,this had caused batt and alt problem or the Mechanic shotguned it hoping to fix it .My time 10 Min-(cost) I couldn%26quot;t add to their bad luck.I don%26quot;t agree with the

summary that replacing Batt' caused go out,You say Batt not good Have you checked the cells with a 5 Dollar Hydrometer? You have to Know if it is good.Then clean the connections and tighten the nuts. Also check all grounds,Note on Ford Explorer van,when power is taking away from P.C.M, there is a little time for all Memory Reset,Book says 5 Mi drive.
Yes it is possible, I bought a 2006 Chevy Cobalt and work at the dealership I bought it from as a Lube Tech/ Apprentice. The Cobalts are having problems with the key getting stuck in the ignition due to a problem with the shifter. We'll for a few days my key wouldn't come out of the ignition and I had to jump it 3 days in a row. The battery on the Cobalt is in the trunk, but there are connections under the hood to jump the car. So I connected my jumper under the hood and attempted to start my car. It started but was running like crap. When I would hit the gas pedal I wouldn't go anywhere. The thing is I had the amps all the way up and the positive connection under the hood goes straight to the PCM. When 200 amps go through the PCM it will fry the computer. So I had the car towed in and scanned it. Followed the flow chart and said to replace and program the PCM. Did that and my car ran like it did before. I also replaced the shifter and my key came out of the ignition. So yes it is possible to fry the computer, but it depends on where you jump the car from. The connections under the hood of my car are meant for a trickle charge so you don't fry the computer. Try another dealer and see what happens.
if you reversed polarity ++++------+- you did fried it.

you may have just blown a fusible wire scan the computer to find out you may just erased all sensor records but they will record again on their own
It doesn't sound true to me. I have heard from a reputable friend that disconnecting an reconnecting a battery while the car is running can damage the computer, but never heard about it hurting the computer with the car off.