Saturday, 24 September 2011

Where can i get rid of an old car battery?

I have just changed my car bettery for a new one, where do i dispose of the old one? Please help as i do not wanna do it wrong and be fined.Where can i get rid of an old car battery?take it to the tip, they have a special skip there for car battery's
Where can i get rid of an old car battery?
Where did you buy the old one? Walmart takes them, and so do local auto part stores.
Where can i get rid of an old car battery?
local tip,or old railway bridge at night.or in the day if your brave
Throw it over your neighbour's garden.
you can take it to your local dump they will dispose of it properly,and free of charge.
recycle centre or a scrap yard
your local council should have a tip where you can take rubbish take it there and give it to the guys who work there.
alleyway 1am ;)
Take it along to the local council waste dump, they will have a special area for batteries.
Take it to a garage or local authority site. Just done this in my driving theory test!
Most places in my state that sell them take them to be recycled, they will take them when you haven't bought them from that store. The lead that's in the batteries are useful and can be recycled.
Take the battery back to the store where you bought the new battery, they should be able to dispose of it for you.
scrap yard or local council
Take it to any Kragen's auto store. They take any battery whether you bought it there or not.
Look in the phone book under Recycling or Recycling Centers, call, %26amp; they'll tell you what hours they're open %26amp; so on. That's where old computers %26amp; microwaves go, too. We took an old micro there recently.
It's not long 'til bonfire night, if you know what I mean. Just stand back.
local tips have the recycling area for batteries
Take it to your local recycling centre. They should have a place to put old car batteries.
try kragen auto parts. i think they take used car batteries. or take it to your local hazardous waste facility
very simple, your council are obligated to dispose/recycle you item
The best idea is to take it to a scrap metal dealer, as they are licenced to dispose of them. Alternitavely, a car breakers yard, if your near one.