Saturday, 24 September 2011

Honda CRV 2000, factory alarm/ (immobilizer?) keep me from starting car after battery change?

Please advise me quickly. My car is at parking lot of store 10 miles away from my home right now. I own Honda CRV 2000 which came with factory set security alarm. I have lost remove control pads a while ago. I had trouble before when changing battery. Alarm(intermittent horn sound) will goes off and I can't start car. But after battery off and on off bunch times, I was able to.

This time, I was driving on hiway yesterday, and I believe alternator of my CRV is failing, all my power was dimming and finally shut off. I barely managed to get off hiway and park on a store parking lot. My friend came over helped me to take out my battery and took me home. I fully charged up the dead battery on battery charger and went back to start the CRV, but when I connect ed fully charged battery to my CRV, horn goes off (solid monotone sound, not the intermittent alarm sound) and ignition is disabled. It will not crack at all. I am hoping there is some manual process to bypass all alarm system. Please advise me quick, my CRV is on parking lot 10 miles away in cold snowing Detroit.Honda CRV 2000, factory alarm/ (immobilizer?) keep me from starting car after battery change?in the folder with your owner's manual, there should be a card that has the alarm pin code. if i remember correctly, you'll need to enter that sequence using the display for the clock. i think you might also have to turn the key to a certain station on the ignition. if you don't have the card, call honda. i had this same thing happen to me when i changed the battery in my 2003 civic a few years ago!
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