Saturday, 24 September 2011

Is it ok for my car battery to stay at a 14 volt charge?

We just change my alternator in my car and before we started we forgot to take off the power to the battery and sparked it a little. SO after getting it in, I started my car and now my battery light comes on. So we tested the voltage and it stays at 14 volts. Is this bad? Is there a way to fix it? what do I fix to get the light to go off?Is it ok for my car battery to stay at a 14 volt charge?Totally normal at 14 volts. If your battery light is still on after the alternator change something is still wrong with the charging circuit.
Is it ok for my car battery to stay at a 14 volt charge?
it should be above 14 volts....regulator drops it to 12 for battery....
Is it ok for my car battery to stay at a 14 volt charge?
around 14v is normal a little spark ain't going to hurt it is the fin wire on alternator
have your battery check by spark your charge system you may have shock a cell in battery.
13 to 14 volts sounds about right. Make sure all your connections are tight on the alternator.....usually there is one small wire on the alternator that runs to the light in the gauge cluster, if the small wire isn't hooked up or has a bad connection or the alt isn't charging, the light will illuminate.
14 volts is normal with the engine running. With the engine off the voltage should drop from 1 to 2 volts depending upon what peripheral circuits are still being powered. I suggest you disconnect the positive terminal and check the open circuit voltage. It should be 12 volts.
There are about ten different ways that light comes on depending on the vehicle model. It could be a bad circuit in the alternator, the body computer or a wire that didn't get hooked back up. Some vehicle computers even store the indication and keep the light on until you reset it.

14 volts is where it should be when it's running. Anywhere between 13.4 and 14.8 would be acceptable.
thats not bad ,, however i don`t know what could be causing your lite to come on if it is charging ,,are you sure all the wires are in the right place ,,