Saturday, 24 September 2011

How much will it cost to change your car battery?

well my d-3 battiers cast 450 per and then ive gotr to get some help lifting them up into the battier box that is about 15 feet in the airHow much will it cost to change your car battery?shouldnt be much 50-200 depending on the engine size and car
How much will it cost to change your car battery?
It really depends on the name brand that you buy ,you can find batteries starting around $45.bucks and up to$120 dollars.
How much will it cost to change your car battery?
not more than a couple hundred dollars! its usually around 100 - 150 dollars.. though the powerful ones are around 200 dollars! make sure wen u do buy one, it has atleast 1 yr warranty on it (though its better to buy a battery with about 2-3 yrs warranty on it)
It depends on the shop rate replacing a battery is a simple task you can do your self get a wrench most top mounts are 1/2 inch side mount is 1/4 inch a crescent wrench will work fine be careful not to ground the wrench ie touch any metal if the battery terminals are on top loosen nuts pull negative cable

black first then red positive once both are disconnected some battery have a top mounted hold down screw or a bottom pan bolt remove it then remove the battery put in new battery in put holder bolt back in put red positive cable in first then black negative tighten nuts and your done it will take a mechanic

a whole 5 minutes to do if you have to pay more than 20 bucks your getting ripped off and one of the reasons why they want to know the year of your car is the newer it is the more expensive it is the price to replace any part on a car is determined by the year not by how hard it is if the shop tells you that they are lying to you same with other parts like alternators you be surprised an alternator in a 2009 can fit a car built in 1980 there are only 4 types of them the price of a alternator is based on the year the newer the car the more money you pay if you looked up the parts you replace then cross reference to older cars that it fits you will see a major price difference but the same part number don't be taken for a free ride its a trade secret the newer the car the more you pay for parts and labor