Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Should i replace my car battery?

i had my car oil changed at walmart. after that, they recommended me to replace my car battery. well, i haven't changed the battery for like 4 years, but i never really have any problems with starting my car(even right now in the winter, i am living in Minnesota, it's quite cold here), So, my questions are: should i listen them to replace my car battery now? or wait until i meet some battery troubles?

thank you in advanceShould i replace my car battery?OK You got one of the people in the Wal-Mart Service that sounds like they %26quot;May Be a Mechanic%26quot;! What Their looking at is the Age of the Battery and maybe Condition, Read Below:

Battery; If 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 Years Old or looks Swollen (Shorted) on the Sides Replace it. %26quot;General Rule-of-Thumb%26quot; For Battery Replacement. If it's working Fine, IE; Taking and Holding a Charge, you might want to wait for a Reasonable Amount of Time.
Should i replace my car battery?
just clean your battery posts and connections and wait until you actually start having starting problems.

don't fix whats not broke!
Should i replace my car battery?
50/50 question... if it was 5 years i would say yes but 4? it's a close call
Being that its winter and that your battery is already 4 years old and a certified tire and oil shop is telling you that you may want to change it, it would probably be a good idea just to avoid the trouble and hassle of getting stuck somewhere with a bad battery in the frigid cold.
Depends where would like to get stuck when the battery does give it up, usually it's in the snow cold and in the woods and you need a tow that would wreck my day so change it and keep the old in the trunk fully charged ...
I would wait until I had some slow-cranking when i start the car. Admittedly, four years is the common life span of a car battery.
You can take your car to any large auto parts chain and have them test your battery. They should test for the CCA or ColdCrankingAmps and make sure your battry is putting out enough juice. The average life span for a car battery is about 5 years or so, but I would not reccomend changing it until it dies.