Saturday, 24 September 2011

Do I need to change out my car battery?

I drive a 2002 Honda CR-V with roughly 93k miles on it. Last weekend, I accidentally left a light on in my car overnight, and as a result, I ended up needing to get my car jump-started, as well as reentering the CD/Radio code, and I drove around for at least 10 minutes to get the battery all recharged. However, just yesterday morning, I couldn't start up my car because of the battery again. I checked all around my car to make sure that nothing was on again, but that wasn't the case. After getting jump-started and driving around again, the same thing happened later that evening. I repeated the process, and now today, my car won't start again because of that damn battery. Is my battery unable to keep a charge now? Do I need to change my battery after 90k miles?Do I need to change out my car battery?Ten minutes driving is not enough to recharge the battery fully. Also, if your alternator is bad it won't recharge you battery.

You need to put your battery on an overnight charge and when it is FULLY charged put it in the car and drive to AutoZone or somewhere to get a battery and charging system check.
Do I need to change out my car battery?
It is possible your battery can't hold a charge as well as it used to.

If it's an 8year old battery, that's a pretty good run for a battery. If you get a new battery, all things being equal, you'd get another 8years out of the new battery.

If you are set on trying to save it, get yourself a battery tender/charger instead of trying to charge via the alternator.

This will fully recharge the battery and if it has a desulfator feature, it may refresh the battery's ability to hold charge.鈥?/a>
Do I need to change out my car battery?
sounds like the batter. type of stuff happens you're actually not supposed to jump them like that just invest in a little trickle charger. that's what should be done at all times. I've left my lights on to the point where the starter won't engages and the charge comes up over night but i'd say you need a new batter...not just for your car but everything. you just don't have good luck at all...either that or sell that imported crap and get a diesel that's got 2 batteries. then you can leave the lights on longer and not have to jump it...but it's 2x as much to replace.