Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Should I change my car battery?

I have a 2000 Tacoma with the original battery. It was 5 degrees the other day and still starts right up. Should I be on the safe side and replace it though?Should I change my car battery?I would doubt that it is the original battery that's 8 years on it. If it is that old you need to replace it. If you don't it may fail at the least opportune moment.
Should I change my car battery?
Batteries do not have a specific life span. A truck full of all the same brand and style of battery will all fail probably at different times. If it was 5 degrees, your battery is still good. It may last a long time still, or it may die next week. A new battery may or may not last 3 years or 8 years. If you have the money and would feel better about it, go buy one. If you are a penny pincher like me, keep it till it dies, then get a new one.
Should I change my car battery?
Just dont want to get stuck somewhere! Most Batteries are 5 year! But i also agree if it is working ok, you can wait. I was on a little 3 car ferry and had to have the (old) ferry operator push me off cause my Pathfinder wouldnt start. Had to replace the battery after the embarrasment of being pushed off the ferry by an Old Man. Just my experience!!!! Good Luck
Get the battery tested. I can only speak about my shop, but we test batteries for free, and at the same time test the charging system. It's a built in function of any battery tester worth anything.

Interstate supplies these testers to shops at no charge.

If your battery tests above marginal then leave it as it is, and be thankful you have good battery cells.

If it's marginal I would replace it, we've had colder weather than normal. If it's a fail then replace it as it will put additional stress on the charging system, and that is never good.

Before you replace a failed battery though, check the charging system to rule out the possibility that it's malfunctioning and would just shorten the life of a new battery.

You also have options for buying batteries. Usually Different charges for your vehicle. There usually is 3 grades with different cold cranking amps (CCA). The higher you go the more it costs starting at about $110 +/- $20 range with replacement (depends on where you live). Only go the higher ones if you run any extra accessories, cell phone charger, and lap-tops, DVD players, TV screens. If you say yes to 2 or more get the higher end one, if not then the middle range or standard depending on the pro-rated life span you want.
Have the cells checked at a good repair shop %26amp; go from there.
No. As long as it works, remember the old saying, don't fix it if it isn't broke.