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Can a car battery die when you are driving?

I have a 2000 Honda Civic that I am only planning on having for a few more months, six months tops.I got my oil changed yesterday, and they told me my battery was very low,it was reading 12.7 volts, %26amp; the little blue light on the battery wasnt shining.There was alot of corrosion on the terminals, so I had them clean them, could that help?The car starts right up for me every time, I never have any problems.Since I am planning on getting a new car within 6 months, I dont want to put any money into my current one, I am basically driving it until it dies, it has 204,000 miles on it.I am hesitant to buy a new battery, because like I said, my car starts right up every time, its not like the engine turns over slowly and barely starts up, it always starts right up, even when it is really cold out.Will I have some warning before it is really ready to die (e.g., barely starts in the morning) or could it just die when I am driving and my car stops working?Any advice appreciated!Can a car battery die when you are driving?HIGHLY UNLIKELY that it woud die while driving! The alternator will continue to provide power when the battery is dead. You will probbly notice a harder and harder time to start the car in colder weather. They don't just drop dead like people.

Don't worry about it. It takes very little power to start your car when warm. 6 months this time of year should be easy to maintain.
Can a car battery die when you are driving?
My battery has died while I was driving and I have over 200,000 miles on my car too. The battery was weak and was overworking my alternator that was also weak and then yeah... thats all it took.

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Can a car battery die when you are driving?
Sure a battery can die when you are driving, if the alternator is broken.
Your battery is unlikely to just %26quot;die%26quot;. Even if it does, as long as your engine is running then you will get home. If the engine stops then %26quot;bump%26quot; start it.

Your voltage is probably low because it is not being charged properly.
if the alternator is bad it could just up and die while driving
There will come a point when the battery can no longer hold a charge. When that happens it comes with no warning. Might as well spend the few bucks to get a new battery. You'd hate to be stranded.
Yes your car battery can die if your alternator is broken. The reason is that when you drive you will be using all of your electrical system still and it will be taking the power directly from the battery. The battery has no way of recharging itself so it in turn eventually runs out of power and you are stuck with a dead car.

Hope this helps. =)
it can die espcialli if de car lights are on for a long time like say when ur like at home n de car is like %26quot;sleeping%26quot; yet de lites are on den ye deres a likely chance it';ll die
If the battery is starting your car fine I dont see any reason to replace it. When your car is running it automatically recharges your battery so you don't have to worry about it dieing at some green light or anything. If it really is starting to go it will give you some warning signs such as not starting your car right away. It sounds like you should be fine for now.
Yes, the battery can die while driving. As long as the alternator is working, you will keep moving. After you stop, it will not start. Bummer. Happen to me. Went to a doctor, came out, dead battery. Car break downs are a pain!!
sounds like an altrenator issue...probably about $150 not including labor
As long as it starts every time, it's not dead. And 12.7 by the way would show a fully charged battery.

State of Charge

State of charge, or conversely, the depth of discharge (DOD) can be determined by measuring the voltage and/or the specific gravity of the acid with a hydrometer. This will NOT tell you how good the battery condition is - only a sustained load test can do that. Voltage on a fully charged battery will read 2.12 to 2.15 volts per cell, or 12.7 volts for a 12 volt battery. At 50% the reading will be 2.03 VPC, and at 0% will be 1.75 VPC or less. Specific gravity will be 1.265 for a fully charged cell, and 1.13 or less for a totally discharged cell. Many batteries are sealed, and hydrometer reading cannot be taken, so you must rely on voltage.
No it wont stop while you r driving because your car only needs it to start. It should be fine for a while.
Cleaning the terminals helps certainly, allowing the alternator to charge right...BUT, if the alternator is going bad, well that's not so good...

Did you mean it was only charging 12.7 volts? While running?

Weak cells in the battery won't hold charge, so if it's starting %26quot;barely%26quot; now, it's only a few days more before it won't start at all.