Saturday, 24 September 2011

I need to change my car battery. Help!?

I understand that in some cars things like the immobiliser or electric windows will not work when you replace the battery, or the car will not start. I have a 1996 Mazda 626 glx abs. Does anyone know if there will be any effect on my car and how do I reset if this needs to be done?I need to change my car battery. Help!?Youll have no problems with ecu or such like components, only the radio and oviously your digital clock.

1. remove negative terminal/ lead first.

2.remove live terminal/ lead second.

3.remove battery clamp.

4.remove old battery %26amp; fit new.

5.replace battery clamp.

6.refit negative terminal.

7.refit live terminal.

8. adjust clock to accurate time

9,re type radio code if nessesary. (some hold code if battery is removed for too long).
I need to change my car battery. Help!?
good luck, hope the weather picks up very soon.

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I need to change my car battery. Help!?
Best going to kwik fit or some where like that. I think you had like 5 mins to change it before it all goes wrong but i'm not too sure so best get to the garage and they'll sort it.
no, it'll be the same
make sure you know the radio code. and when you swap the battery make sure you leave the window or door open and keys on when you connect it sometimes activates your central locking. otherwise you should be fine
I dont drive but I would have thought as long as you attach the possitive and negative leads to the right terminals there should not be a problem. Its only a big battery, copy the way the old one was connected. If its connected wrong it just wont work!
They wont work while the battery is diconnected,

Just change it. Everything will be ok.
From what I know u should have no problems with Windows or the immobiliser.BUT if you have a keycode Radio you will to in put the code again to make the radio work,if you dont know the code ur a little fooked as the radio wont work after.
it should be just fine

just change it
it should be fine. open the windows and disconnect the -ve side of the battery first. this gets rid of the slightest chance of a short circuit through other components.
Call Advance, seriously, I'm not just being a smart a. They will answer the questions about car batteries. If the car is still cranking or if you can have it jumped, take it to them and they will replace the battery when you but the new one.
DON'T go to kwik fit or Mazda dealer -

Go to a motor factors,


Brown Brothers

I hope this helps.
on such an old car, the only thing with a code will be the stereo...

so, what you can do, is connect another battery, using jump leads from your friends car, (it doesnt need to be running) undo your terminals, and remove them from teh battery ,the jump leads will make the car think its still got a battery attached... (cars are a bit simple like that) replace teh battery, do up the clamps and remove the jump leads..job a good un. and it doesnt cost anything..

two words of caution; observe polatrity, red (positive) to RED, Black, to black..and it may only be 12volts, but a fresh battery has around 2-300 amps.. so much power, shorted to earth, because your jump leads touch accidentally...big flash, leading to bonfires so be careful. and good luck
If the battery is causing the problem, by repacing the battery, the problem should be solved!! Unless the battery is not the problem!! First make sure, it's the battery!
Shop around your local tyre/exhaust outlets for a good price, all decent car batteries have at least a 3 year warranty. They can connect another device across the leads while doing the changeover, which preserves all your codes and settings
you can buy a battery memory save unit that plugs in cigar lighter and maintains all electronic memory by means of a nine volt battery available at all car part shops e.g halfords