Sunday, 5 June 2011

Who is good at changing a car battery?

Last time this happened, I went to a Sears Auto Center to change the battery. I%26#039;m just wondering where else I could go. I admire you if you do it yourself because %26quot;do it yourself%26quot; is not in my dictionary. So where would you bring your car to change the battery? I%26#039;m living in Silicon Valley, California.|||Any full service gas station or service facility should be able to handle it.|||the nice people at wal-mart auto center will install your new battery that you buy from them for free (at least that%26#039;s the way it is in texas) ----- and just ask that they check your car charging system while they are swapping out the battery ... sears is higher priced and usually they charge for installation --- I choose wal-mart because they will honor the warranty at any store that has an auto/shop ---all across the states and they will do so cheerfully|||Change the battery? Its like...obvious on how to do it, if you can%26#039;t change the battery sorry...|||Auto Zone, Pep Boys, Napa

Basically any car parts store will be able to help you out.

.|||Its not hard, you can find instructions on the net, all you need is a little muscle and some wrenches, Disconnect neg (-) first then pos(+) unbolt clamp 1/2 inch socket pull out put in repeat steps. Good luck. Midas is a good place to go, any oil change shops will do it for you as well.|||changing a battery is very easy have a look and think about it. You just undo the wires off the old battery and put them on the new one the same way. Also many Auto centres will change it for free if you buy the battery off them. Bring it to me my 3 year old son will do it for you. Just be careful that you take the negative wire off first and when putting in on put the positive lead on first.