Sunday, 5 June 2011

Changing Car Battery - Extra Wires?

OK - I%26#039;ve done it - I wanted to show off to the bf that I could change a car battery. I disconnect everything like I%26#039;m supposed to - put in the new battery and connect the neg and the pos terminals. No power. When I looked again - i found 2 exra wires that look like they should attach to some terminal - they are attached to a very large black plastic tube - I think they were connected to the side of the positive terminal (attached between 2 nuts) but I%26#039;m not 100% sure - and I can%26#039;t call for help. so HELP!! Thanks|||yes mam they will connect to the pos cable trust me|||if you have no power like lights or no dash lights when the key is turned on. most likely those wires do go to the positive post.|||i think those wires are attached to each terminal with something like this see a mechanic you can get nasty zap from battery

I remember i changed the oil on my car i had a handful of nuts and bolts left over LOL|||Normally extra wires are connected to the positive (+) side of the battery.

However I believe there are still (mostly older) cars out there which use positive earth instead of negative, in which case the scenario would be switched round.

You did not say the make and model of the car but if it was a negative ground model then attach them to the positive side of the battery terminals.|||You should check the terminal connectors for corrosion and clean them with a knife or sandpaper. The extra wires may be for an accessory that was neveer installed on your particular car.