Sunday, 5 June 2011

After changing the car battery the battery gauge still shows that it is low?

my battery was bad and the gauge showed that it was low, in the red area, so i changed it and it still shows the same thing on the gauge|||Possibility one

Bad/Faulty/corroded connections

Possibility Two

Bad alternator|||If you have replaced the battery but not started the engine, the new battery could show low voltage. It may not have been charged for some time before it was sold to you.

If you started the engine, and your gauge still reads low, you will need to check on the alternator%26#039;s function.

Was the low gauge reading the reason you changed the battery, or did you actually have a reason other than that, to change it?

You may have picked on the wrong suspect in the first place.|||get someone to get a voltmeter and put the leads on the battery. If it;s showing 13,5 to 14.5 while running alternator is working, however you did not say if it is an amp meter or volt meter. Try another battery out of another car if you have one, or take it to autozone and have the whole system checked for free.|||The gage is letting you know the alternator is not charging enough voltage back to the battery. If you attach a volt meter to the battery it%26#039;ll show it%26#039;s not charging between 13.5 -14.1 volts with the motor running. If so, you need a re-manufactured alternator.|||Assuming the new battery is ok, (you can have it checked at an auto parts store,) you should check for a short in the electrical system, or the gage may be bad and needs replacing. Good Luck.|||your new battry may be bad or your gauge may be shorting out or going bad|||Sounds like a short to ground to me.