Sunday, 5 June 2011

Help... changing the car battery?

My car (Chevrolet Cavalier 2002) is dead and I decided that I%26#039;m going to change the battery myself. I%26#039;ve read how to do it but I have one question. My car has a remote control starter in it and I was wondering if I had to do something different to install the battery? Will the starter work after the change or I have to program it or something? If it will not work tell me what to do step by step to fix it|||look at your battery in the car and label what wires are connected to the positive and what to the negative.

unhook them all

remove the old battery

put in the new battery

hook everything up to where you labeled it.|||It%26#039;ll be fine... just make sure you put all the connecting wires back to where they were|||just change the bettery. If remote start doesn%26#039;t work, which i am sure it will, you will be able to take it to dealership and say- %26quot; it just stopped working!!%26quot;|||Your remote starter simply gets power from the battery.

It doesn%26#039;t program itself to the type or model of the battery.

The starter should not be effected at all by changing out the battery.

As for how to change the care battery... look in the link source I gave. :)|||Why don%26#039;t you change the battery. Then, if you have a problem, come back here.?|||Nothing should be different.|||What I would do is remove the battery ( eather it is a side post or post on the top)take the connectors off and unsally the battery is bolted down,,loosen it up and remove it and do the same thing when you put the battery back in. OR Do something better than that,,,,Go to Auto Zone or any Auto Parts store and usally they will replace the battery if you buy a battery from them.|||no|||just change the battery, the remote start does not have memory that would be lost, unlike ram. make sure to count ALL wires going to + side of battery and replace them ALL.