Sunday, 5 June 2011

Can changing a different type of battery to a car cause problems?

I have a 1990 pontiac transam sportscar that I have been using with a standard type of battery and working well until now when I have its battery changed by another type.. The battery keeps on discharging by no apparent reason. I have my car checked form 2 car workshops and the y cound find any short circuits or dynamo problems. And both tell me perhaps the problem with the battery. PLs help|||Your battery may have a bad cell .Have it load tested.If bad ,replace.|||brand name should not matter as long as you keep the cold cranking amps equal to what the old battery was.

Also know that if you change the battery that you disconnect the ground cable first (-) not the positive cable (+). Charging circuits in new cars now work off the (-) side of the battery.

Your problem sounds like your battery is not charged all the way up. May try to slow charge it at say two amps for 24 hours see how that works out.