Sunday, 5 June 2011

SAAB 9000 car radio is on the blink since changing the car battery!!!???

I have read it is a security feature, that disables the car radio once the power supply has been tampered with (like in the event of car radio theft) but my radio has not been stolen!!

I have the radio code but can not figure when and how to enter the code so the radio comes back to life.

SAAB experts...HELP!!

The manual is not clear on how to do this, but mostly suggesting dealership visit - surely not!!|||If you have the code available, just enter using the 6 digits for your pre sets, if the code is entered wrong, then hold down the %26quot;Band%26quot; button until it reads %26quot;code in%26quot; again.

You only have three chances to get it right before it locks you out, so if it doesn%26#039;t take after the second try, you will need to either go to the dealer and have them get you the code or remove the radio and call your local SAAB dealer and give them the serial # an PU # and they can usually give you the code right over the phone as your talking to them.

If you get locked out of the radio, you will need to leave the radio on and the ignition switch to the 1st position for a min. 1 hour. It should then say %26quot;Code In%26quot; again. If it is wrong again, it will lock you out on the first try, and leave it on for another hour.

Sometimes if the radio has been replaced the new code will be on the top of the radio.

Your car should have come with radio pullers in your leather pouch, if not, they are the same as Ford radio pullers that can be had from most auto parts stores.

Best of luck to ya.|||Look in the owner%26#039;s manual leather holder. There should be a plastic card (blue maybe), that has a 4 digit code. Enter the code. And yeah, going to the dealer if one is nearby is a great idea if you have lost the code or never had it.

They most certainly should not charge you for this most necessary and easy for them to discover code.

Every time the power is lost, like your battery disconnect, the same thing will happen. So, when you find the code, copy it in a few places.|||I just got 2 points|||Just ENTER the code on the radio buttons.|||* Busdrivi is right. The only reason to see the dealer is if you don%26#039;t have the code. If you do, enter it on the station select buttons (notice no number in the code is greater than the number of station buttons you have - 8 in my case).