Sunday, 5 June 2011

I am changing my car battery, but when i plug it in, it start honking do you know how can?

i stop it or what is wrong?|||i%26#039;ll agree with people that say it%26#039;s the alarm. Disconnecting the alarm system [which are sometimes hardwired directly to the battery] may be causing the system to reset as a failsafe against theft. You%26#039;ll probably be ok with using your remote clicker to stop the alarm buzzer. Take it to the alarm place you got it at, or any alarm installation place if the thing persists. They could reset the system.

If you DON%26#039;T have an alarm, then it may be indeed be the horn relay system...that may have been stuck, damaged, or the fuze blew when you removed the battery. Check your fuze box to see if any tripped, then take it to a mechanic to check the horn relay system. In anycase, ask if your vehicle DOES INDEED have an alarm you don%26#039;t know about. It may be that too?!

hope this helped...|||do you have an alarm? if so thats the problem, just connect the battery back and disarm your car alarm and it should stop.|||1) is the horn button stuck?

2) is the horn relay stuck?|||I dont know, and I am not being mean, but that is hilarious! You will laugh about it later.|||It%26#039;s the car security. Try using your remote. Open the driver door sometime that%26#039;ll work.|||they%26#039;er right. the alarm. all the late model cars with alarms reset when the battery is disconnected . the default when the battery is hooked back up is to turn on the alarm. I%26#039;ve been bit by that same dog