Sunday, 5 June 2011

Problems with changing car battery?

Prior to battery change, the car had to be boosted for it to start but otherwise started no problem. Took out old battery which was top mount. Replaced with new battery which is side mount but bought those adapters. Now there is power in that the lights and radio come on but the car won%26#039;t start. Tried boosting it but still nothing. It doesn%26#039;t even try to turn over. It is a 1998 Plymouth Neon. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Thanks - could use any suggestions.|||Make sure the new battery is fully charged. (slow charge for 12 hours). Then make sure those adapters are making good contact. If still nothing, have starter checked.|||Corroded connections between battery and stater.........! Wiggle the connection to the the starter.....I%26#039;ll bet it works.......................!

Good Luck.............!|||Make sure you didn%26#039;t buy too small of a battery in regards to amperage. Make sure the numbers are the same. Assuming they are, I would say that while connecting the new cables/adapters, you%26#039;re not making good contact so tear it apart and start over making sure you have good contact.|||This happened to a couple of older cars of mine, both 1993 cars. Check to see if the terminals are securely on the battery connections. What happened with me is they were on somewhat loosely and only the dash lights would come on, but the car wouldn%26#039;t turn over.

Something that helps with this is sand-papering the actual terminals to improve connection by removing deposits, etc. Since your battery is new I doubt it has much gunk on it but hey, it%26#039;s worth a try.|||check the smaller diameter positive wire that goes from the battery to the starter...some have inline fuses...others are fuseable link ...they show no apperent break but are made to melt inside the insulation...if it%26#039;s a fusealbe link wire that will need to be replaced|||Did you hook up the battery backwards?

Double check!!!|||Sounds like it could be your starter solenoid or even the starter itself. If the solenoid is bad, the battery won%26#039;t pass any current to the starter.

Does the starter solenoid click when you try to start the car? If not, that%26#039;s the part that%26#039;s shot.

You might want to consider replacing the starter at this point along with the solenoid. You%26#039;ve probably got about 100,000 miles on that vehicle? A rebuilt starter is probably ideal for that car.|||make sure to check all connections and make sure they are tight and not caked up with corrosion. there will be a ground that runs from the negative battery cable to the fender(the smaller black wire) make sure it is tight.make sure all your power cables are connected to the adapter or you can just take it back and get the correct battery or it could be a bad starter|||be sure all wire,s,connection,s are clean %26amp; sure polarity is correct............didnt accidentially omit 1 wire while connecting positive adapter did you?...........check for power at the main terminal on the starter.......if it,s hot.......try jumping the careful engine may crank........if not.....change the starter.|||The most likely answer is the connection at your starter from the battery....Secondly check the ground wire.