Sunday, 5 June 2011

I just change the battery of my Lexus 1994 ES 300 car, after changing the battery, the odometer change to 9999?

My car battery dies out, so I replace a new battery on my Lexus 1994 ES 300. After replace the new battery in my car. I turn on the engine and it work properly. But one thing I noticed is that my odometer change 999999999. Does anyone know how to reset it back to original mileage? My original mileage before was 113489.|||My father had a 1992 ES300 from late 1991-1999 and he sold it because the computer blew (and it was kind of slow). The same thing happened to him. His odometer just snapped and simultaneously cut the value of the car in half (from $12,000 to $6000). He sold it to some teenager who didn%26#039;t care about the mileage.

Sorry.|||This is a dealer issue. (If you could reset it yourself many people would) It may or may not be worth the cost to fix it. Your car is 14-15 years old so it really won%26#039;t change the value that much. If you are not going to sell it soon it will not matter. However it is a low mileage vehicle for its age so it would add value to have correct mileage.|||Sounds like you will have to get a new cluster circuit board. It is not common at all for this problem to happen but I have seen this probably 2 times in the 8 years of working for Lexus. Might have been from the sudden surge of power when you connected the battery, no one will ever know why it happened.