Sunday, 5 June 2011

Changing a battery in my car, the one I have is bigger, is this a problem?

I recently found out that my car battery was dying. I have another good working battery, it%26#039;s just the wrong size. Is it okay to put a larger battery into my car? It fits just fine, but it%26#039;s larger.|||As long as it physically fits, it will be fine. Just be sure the positive battery terminal and the negative battery terminal is in the same position so that you can connect the cables properly. Many people assume that the cables line up all the time. They don%26#039;t. Some batteries have the + and - terminals on opposite sides than other batteries. Reverse the connection and the battery will become a moot point. Your car%26#039;s electrical system will be destroyed.|||As long as it fits it will be fine.|||as long as if doesn%26#039;t hit anything.....especially the hood across the terminals when its closed......u should b long as of course the CCA is at least the same or higher than the stock battery....good luck|||As long as they are both 12 volts and the posts don%26#039;t hit anything under the hood, it%26#039;s all good.