Sunday, 5 June 2011

Car stereo problem after changing car battery?

i recently changed the battery of my Mitsubishi Montero sport...

but afterwords the stereo asked for a code...

which has been lost for a long time...

is there any way to fix the problem without needing the code?

|||most of the times you go to the dealership with the vehicle id. numbers and your id and they can use their puter to get the code. also, you can get rid of the factory stereo and install a nice mp3 player for under 100 american dollars. self install|||No, it is set up to do that to deter theft. You need to go to a Mitsubishi dealer. |||If you have the owners manual usually they have the information on the radio code in there.

I know for hondas they have it on a small business card looking thing.

Otherwise you will have to go to the dealer

Replacing it with an aftermarket one is the only option without the code.