Sunday, 5 June 2011

Changing car battery?

So I%26#039;m planning to change my car battery for my 2003 Acura RSX Type-S. I%26#039;ve changed a car battery before so doing it won%26#039;t be an issue. However, i%26#039;m planning to maybe upgrade to a stronger battery..maybe an orbital..or possibly one of those special made ones for car audio see if it%26#039;ll bump some more power to my car audio (i have one subwoofer...nothing crazy)..just curious if by doing so I could possibly damage my car%26#039;s electronics system..and/or should just stick with a factory spec car battery?

BTW anywhere I can check online to see exactly what battery type/rating my car needs? Thank You.

~G|||As long as the battery fits in the holder in the car you will have no problems on that end. A big plus to a larger battery will be more cranking power in cold weather. One thing you will need to look at is the output of your alternator - does it have the capacity to recharge the larger battery IN A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME.

A larger battery will not damage your cars electrical wiring.

As for your radio system, you will most likely need an amplifier (or larger amplifier) to drive the speakers. The amplifiers built into MOST car radios is not that powerful.|||getting a bigger battery will not make your sound system %26quot;bump%26quot; any harder. It will just give you the potential to handle and supply your system with such power w/o damaging ur circuits. If you want it to bump harder, you need a bigger amp w/ a capacitor. But keep in mind you might need a more powerful alternator to handle the stress...|||You risk blowing fuses if you go too high, I know guys that get better amps and power conditioners to cure those problems, but if you only have a small wattage sub going this may be too expensive to do.|||A new battery won%26#039;t solve your problem. You need a higher amp output alternator and a new battery if yours is getting old and tired. If you%26#039;ve got some big monster amp. a larger output alternator is absolutely necessary.|||not a chance, ooppsss, was that a spark|||A better battery will let it last longer but will have no effect on the performance. Stick with the one that aint broke.

Want better sound? get a better amp or speakers.|||All car batteries are designed to run on 12v dc so you will not risk blowing fuses. A bigger battery is designed to be used for additional componants such as stereos. You will see no benefit with a larger battery in your situation.

I have the optima red top in my car due to the fact I have several aftermarket componants in my car including fuel pumps, stereo, extra electronics for tuning, etc.|||鈥?/a>|||No problem happen when you change the battery, stronger battery provides more power.|||You can not create energy nor destroy it (Physics 101). A bigger battery will not create energy, period! Is just that will last longer when you run the stereo. If you use more power than the Alternator can provide, you will kill the battery too. Anyway, like the other people said, a higher Amps output alternator will do more than a bigger battery.